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The fuck if I know Fred

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I press the pedal harder and merge onto the freeway,

accelerating faster and faster.

In this moment,

I can admit to the road that

I have been mad at the world for a very long time.

I press the pedal harder.

A hard feeling to feel with no belief in god,

no divine face to wag my finger in,

no pearly gates to protest outside of.

I press the pedal harder.

Speaking of god

Mister Rogers asks,

"what do you do with the mad that you feel?"

I tell him, the fuck if I know, Fred.

The fuck if I know.

I press the pedal harder,

look into my rear view and watch a large open void

sprawling itself across the lanes,

twirling chaos around its fingers,

crushing asphalt in its fists;

the road crumbles beneath my wheels.


I press the pedal harder.

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Fold Continents

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Do you remember the first time

you sat down to draw a self portrait?

Studying yourself in the mirror,

and suddenly all you could see was

everything you were holding in-

those things you thought you tucked neatly beneath the surface.


All the stress about

love & life


death & perfection

took you over. 


In that moment you realized,

all you ever wanted 

was to feel free.


Then you remembered,

the only freedom you have ever really known 

was the freedom

to risk 

wasting ink and paper.

Ink and Paper

3,000 Miles

Wish I could fold continents

Press my face to theirs

we are but a blip in infinity

eventually it will feel like

nothing and everything

all at once

Sounds of Infinity

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