Follows a young, imaginative woman coping with self doubt, working to find her life’s purpose, and avoiding emotional conflict. Her avoidance and repression causes her wild imagination to permeate reality, leading to angry vines that pull her from bed while she sleeps, walls that crack open and reveal hidden vacuums leading to the cosmos, as well as other unassuming events.


A world that exists on a floating hunk of land, suspended in space, where all of our lost thoughts end up after we forget them. Some dark, some funny, some that make no sense, all living in a suburban world, searching for their purpose. They question who they are, where they came from,  and how to be remembered.



A group of bugs find themselves trapped in a house,and must find a way to escape. But first they must each escape their own mental traps, and learn to work together.



Episodic Show:
Each episode starts with a character during the last few moments of their nightly ritual: setting their alarm clock, petting their dog’s head, closing a book, scrolling on social media, etc.   The lights turn out, their head hits the pillow, and we are transported into their dream full of  wild and surreal imagery.
Imagery includes:

Heads coming out of heads. Arms stretching for miles, reaching for something that keeps getting further away. Clocks that make no sense. Characters who slowly morph into inanimate objects or other worldly creatures. Giant fingers coming from the sky chasing them, etc.
Every episode is a new dream, focusing on a different theme, told through a surreal lense.

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